Dolce Gabbana Pineapple Print Party Ideas

I fell in love with this beautiful Dolce Gabbana pineapple print dress the moment I saw it. It’s so summery, fun, and sassy to bad it’s so pricy too!  It actually turned out to be an awesome inspiration for a cool summer party.  I’m going to guide you and give you tips on how to design a great pineapple themed event!

From a simple DIY to the dessert station set up and favors with a few must tips for a successful party decor. The coolest thing about the set up theme is that you can use it for all sorts of celebrations, baby shower, first birthday etc.



I love this invitation by


Pineapple favor boxes 12 for $10.99




Pineapple straws could be for fun drinking or decorating the chocolate covered marshmallows 100 per $8.99




The kids would love these pineapple cups! Only $1.95



I love these little pencil pouches could be a very fun favor for children  $3.59


It’s hard to choose which ones I like best so here are some more to pick from.

 We could fill these pouches with some personalized kisses or just add them to the candy station  216 pack labels for $4.99



I would totally use these as center pieces $11.38

I would attache some floating balloons to them.




Pineapple Balloons going at $8.50 for 6.





I would use only one of these balloons mixed in with either the balloons above or just plain balloons. A package of 5 37” balloons goes for $21.16. 




I’m not sure if I would use this in the Dessert table or as a centerpiece to hold the balloons, but I love this pineapple lamp and would definitely get it for $11.99




I would so use these leaves as a decoration behind the dessert station. A pack of 12 8″ leaves goes for $5.45






A little pricy but worth the $50.23. I would totally use this to decorate my Candy Station/ Dessert Station





This is another must have prop for the dessert station for $18.99





Thank you cards are also very important.

I also found these cute little accessories that could be used as photo props for pictures and I must share them.


Pineapple backdrop for fun pictures 5x7feet for $16.99


Hair band $2.99


Pineapple cool glasses $11.95


Pineapple honey comb paper prop $7.70


Pineapple hat for pictures $28.00


Pineapple plastic fruit $7.00


Inflatable 14” pineapple prop $7.86

Coming soon a Dessert Station Set Up using this theme, free downloads from MyDaddyCrafts and cool recipes.

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