Massachusetts Wedding Weekend 

For the first time in a long while I was able to attend a wedding that I had to do nothing besides enjoy myself. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you all about it. The bride and groom were the most accommodating hosts I’ve ever seen, as well as the perfect couple. The wedding took place in a beautiful vineyard on the Massachusetts New Hampshire border. The atmosphere was rustic and elegant, her color choices were lilac and eggplant in different shades. Everything looked perfect, every detail was well put together by the bride and her friends.

At the entrance they had a gorgeous wooden table set with lots of decorative rustic elements such as lamps candles, flowers, where all the place cards were set on wine Corks, lots of wine corks.

The center pieces were simple and beautiful, a perfect choice for their theme.

For the guests they also had a cigar bar and a photo both area.

Let’s talk about the cake! It was perfectly presented on top of a wine barrel with a glass top that reflected the candlelight to illuminate the cake, if you ask me I’d say it was super romantic.

I had an amazing time, me being Brazilian thought Brazilians knew how to party but I have to take back the stereotype and give credit to the Irish culture … they were way crazier. We had a blast, between their singing and dancing, they were such party people!

Congratulations to the couple Geraldine and Scott, thank you for having us. 

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