Summer Wedding Inspiration: Light Blue And Pink Ocean Theme.

Its so hot out… I think my favorite summer theme with this heat out is ocean. Maybe I am influenced by the fact that I wish I was at the beach today, enjoying the view and the ocean.  I still love beach weddings, they are more relaxed and less formal .

While I am still trying to catch up on my best work and what’s up to date . I feel that I must share one of my favorite summer wedding inspirations; a blue ocean theme dessert table I designed for one of past wedding shows.

Laura Clare designs provided us with the most amazing flowers.  I particularly love the blush pink ranúnculos. On the dessert station we had a mix of elegant desserts and color coordinated candy.  Flora and Simone provided the sweets. I love mixing styles so why not mixing desserts with candy. It’s funny how that trend became one of my signatures, now days most of my parties I do those mixing strategies. Especially  because people have diferente tastes and it’s also a good way to keep the budget low.

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