Picnic Party Ideas

Get your picnic blankets and lets get ready to party in the backyard. This weeks summer party idea will be very fun. Here are some items to inspire your dessert station and decorative set up.

  1.  Personalized picnic invitation by zoo


Banner and hanging decorations $10.66


 Perfect to display  dessert names red plaid chalkboard clip decorations 8 sell for $14.31

 Perfect to use as table numbers  chalkboard tent cards 8 sells for $8.00

 mini plastic toy ants, I would used them lined up around the

dessert station as a prop  $6.39

  table runner for the guest tables  $7.43

 I would use this cute picnic baskets as center pieces for the guest tables 6 sell for $17.80

 You can use this red and white checkered gingham pennant banner to decorate  around the yard or at the entrance $9.95

I would hang this red and white plaid lanterns on the trees, they are so cute 3 for $26.99

I would use a few food cover  to decorate the dessert station $11.99

 Picnic Party Red Gingham Flag Cupcake Picks Set of 12 $3.99

Fox Run 6919 Gingham Bake Cups, Standard, 50 Cups, Red $5.38

I love this cute tin metal, we could use them as trays to set the dessert in to decorate the dessert station  $14.99

Also this baskets could be used to display some fruits in the dessert station  4in $2.49

Mini milk jars also could be used to decorate the dessert station 12 sell for $18.95

 Cute little lollipops for the dessert station

  I think would be a cool idea to give the kids a exploration bug case so they can have fun chasing bugs in the yard $5.88

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