Gone Fishing Party Ideas

There are so many ways to have fun in the summer. For some people fishing ūüé£ is their go to ¬†choice. ¬†Growing up I used to spend the summer in my grandfather’s farm, besides riding the horses and exploring the fields, fishing was definitely one of our favorite activities. The hardest part was getting all the kids (friends and cousins) to be quiet ūü§ź. For the sake of fishing let’s celebrate this week’s party in a fun way.

Gone fishing  invitation $16.99

 Natural fish to use over the table cloth as a runner net $6.12

 Fishing net with anchor to decorate behind the dessert station


 Fishing banner to be use also behind the dessert station $9.99

 Cool miniature fishing props for the dessert area $9.97

 This would be a funny flying on top of the dessert station remote control air swimmer shark $29.99

 wooden sign fishing rules $12.82

Props for the dessert station $11.99

Fishing sign for behind the dessert station $14.99

 Prop for decorating the dessert station $25.16

 24 cupcake  rings $6.70  

 Fish bobber food picks $7.50

  Set plates napkins cups tableware kit for 16 $25.99

 Perfect fish mold to create your own candy fish $6.67

Fishing pole cupcake picks 25 pc sells for $13.50

Gone fishing party picks $5.57

 Coolest center piece ever super size bass foil ballon $9.99

 Fishing bobbers suckers 12ct sell for $9.95

Candy fun package  24 sell for $14.99

 Cutest favor boxes to be use decorating the dessert station 12 sells for $8.49

 kids favors plastic goldfish 144 ct sells for $8.97

 Sticky fish on a string favors 36 sells for $10.03

 Gone fishing photo booth props $19.99




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