The world of collaborations 

It’s official, next week we will be designing a dessert station for the Fashion Gallery in NYC’s fashion week. I am very excited , I’ve never done a table for fashion week before.
I’m trying to organize myself and get everything ready ahead of time. As I tell all my customers I wish I had a button that says ‘create’ that I could press anytime and have everything done. Life would be so much easier if I did. I have about 15 days left to come up with all the details and create an awesome presentation for their 10 year anniversary.
I am still keeping the girls that have been supporting me since the beginning for this event. I’m also trying to get everything together while looking for new vendors that could collaborate with me.
My first approaches via Instagram already knew who I am and accepted my proposal right away. It’s just amazing, how much easier it is to connect with people through all of the social media platforms out there. Too bad I can’t share my plans with you yet, but I can’t wait to post the pictures when I’m done. The design color and theme will be a surprise but will sure enough be fabulous!

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