New York City Fashion Week 

It was an amazing experience this weekend. We designed a dessert station for one of the biggest events in New York. The city was populated with extra beautiful people over the few days that this event ran there were models everywhere, fashion shows happening in various locations,and such an outstanding energy on the streets. 

The dessert station theme was inspired by the world of fashion as the Fashion Gallery celebrated their 10 year aniverassy  bringing designers from all over the world to showcase their work in the NYC Fashion Week. 

When I got the email proposal about the show and did a little research online I found out that, one of my favorite florists had already worked with them before. As someone who had never done a show for this organization before having a familiar face gave me relief, because the florist and I worked in a lot of events together and I know how talented Laura Claire Designs is and what style to aim for. 

Flowers designed by Laura Clair for the entrance lobby. 

The widows were mounted with the names of all the designers and sponsors for the event. 

I had the pleasure to work with a few awesome contributors 

Cindi Raven from Sugar Chat Cookie Studio created some amazing cookies for our display 

Zuirrae Mitchell from She Imagined Sweets made us some delicious bite size cheese cakes 

Elaine from Elli Crafts created the cutest luggage boxes 

Jenny Luz created the various candy wrappers for the sweets 

Flora’s Cake my loyal partner for a long time and friend designed the cake all the other sweets on the table and all the sugar work. What else can I say? Just on word I can describe her “talent”.

I didn’t have the chance to stay for any of the show. I had a super busy weekend and parties planned that my costumers were counting on me to design. However here are a few pictures from Instagram #fgnyfw 

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