Wild West Desserts & Recipes

Cactus Sugar cookies

by thebearfootbaker.com



Green 20 Second Icing
Wilton Holiday Green and White Sprinkles

First, outline the cactus. Then, flood the cactus and let it dry overnight.

Then, you will need to work fast, make the lines on the cactus with the same green icing. While it is wet, sprinkle with sugar.

Bandana Sugar Cookie

by sweetsugarbelle.com

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie as pictured below.  Let dry.

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie as pictured below.  Let dry.

When the base is completely dry, place the stencil securely over the cookie.  You can use an iced cookie to hold things in place {like I did here} but these days I prefer magnets.  To learn more about stenciling with magnets, click here.

Once the stencil is secure, lightly mist the cookie with black airbrush color.  If you don’t have an airbrush, Wilton Color Mist works too.  Just be sure to spray the cookie in light even layers.

Give the mist a few seconds to dry and gently lift the stencil up and away from the cookie.  Try not to stress imperfections, the next step will clean everything up.

Use white piping icing and a small round tip such as a PME #1.5 to add a few details.

Cowboy Hat Picture Tutorial for Cupcakes

by  rosebakes.com

Fondant Cactus Tutorial for Cupcakes

by byrdiegirl.wordpress.com


First, I start with a nice long sausage shape of fondant. This will be the trunk of the cactus. The top of the cactus is slightly pointy.

I love my fondant roller! My Wilton fondant roller is definitely on my list of favorite tools in my tool collection. I use this instead of using the palm of my hand or my fingers because you get a more even consistency when rolling out things. When you use the palm of your hand and your fingers you get ripples and ridges of uneven fondant.

Another one of my favorite tools in my tool collection is my giant razor blade. I actually bought it in the clay/molding section of Michael’s. It cuts straight lines and makes it so much easier to do so.

I use my long razor blade to score lines in the trunk of the cactus.

Now it’s time to make the arms of the saguaro. I rolled out another sausage shape but a little smaller and thinner this time. I also scored it with the razor blade like I did for the trunk.

cut the sausage in half and they don’t have to be even in length.

I bent the arms to curl up like the arms of a saguaro cactus. I dabbed the freshly cut ends with water and glued them to the cactus trunk.

This is our cactus all put together.

If you didn’t know, saguaro cactus have beautiful flowers that bloom only once a year. I used my tiny flower plunger cutter to make the flower.

I put skewers and toothpicks in most of the cactus to give them support. I let them dry for at least 3 days. I hope this helps you if you’re looking to make a simple cactus for a cake.

Extra Items Ideas  for the Dessert Station


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