First party requests 

I’m siked about the events of this past week. I had my first two party requests. As some of my followers know, I created my blog with the intention to help others with ideas on creating dessert stations for their own parties. Every week I come up with a theme and suggestions of what to buy and how to set up for that particular theme, and every Friday of the same week I give suggestions of DIY desserts to match the theme of the week.

I few weeks ago I met Merley from Celebrate Sweetly Gifts at the Fashion Gallery, NYC Fashion Week. She contacted me via Instagram asking to help her with ideas for a dessert station she is creating for a fundraiser of a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local businesse people in her community in Thousand oaks, California. I never felt so excited to work for free 😂😂😂. This week’ theme will be based up on her request “Thor”.

I will give her some ideas of what to purchase, some DIY Desserts but I will add a few extra party related “Must haves” like the cake. 💡 

And next Monday I will tell you about my second party request !  🙌🏼

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