Having fun at The Knot cocktail party! 

Last Wednesday I attended a gathering for The Knot’s network . The event took place at The States at Farrington Lake. A beautiful  lakefront venue located lake East Brunswick. The weather was beautiful, perfect for the outdoor accommodations where they served the hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. 

The venue inside was recently renovated and some areas were still under construction. The view from the inside out to the garden was beautiful.

It had over one hundred and fifty guests. There were many local vendors who are involved in the planing industry. I had the opportunity to get to know a few new faces. I loved the decor, it was very romantic starting with the laced crochê backdrop behind the photo booth.We were offered to choose between two signature cocktails for the night, a sparkling rose and a lavender-infused lemon drop martini. The martini was my drink of choice. 

The dessert station was set on a beautiful antique piece of furniture. They did a great job. I was definitely inspired. 

It felt good to get away, meet new vendors, and have conversations with people that understand this line of work. We talked about our best and most stressful moments and had a little fun exchanging stories. I had a blast!

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