Harry Potter Party Ideas for Halloween

Harry PoLogo Wax seal to use in the invitations  $7.99

 Would be nice to attach these skeleton keys to the invitations 30 sells for $7.99


 Brick wall could be used behind the dessert station $13.99

 Add some  Hogwart’s Printed Wall Banner to the brick wall $37.82

 Harry Potter Props for the dessert station $24.99

 Harry Potter Sorting  hat to decorate the dessert station and also play

games with the kids

Harry Potter scarf  $8.55

 Another cool prop for the dessert table Harry Potter Hedwing Owl $10.95

Rubies Harry Potter Golden Snitch  accessories for the dessert station $3.98

 Wizard Sign to be place by the dessert station $16.50

 Rubie’s 9700 Harry Potter Broom also to be displayed as prop by the dessert station $23.38

 You can use these mini candy kettles  as candy dispensers dozen sell for $7.73

 Harry Potter Berti Botts Every Flavor Beans

6 sells for $11.99


 Must have wizard accessories for the kids 12 for $9.99

 Harry Potter Wizard wands 12 sells for $19.95

 Harry Potter gift box $32.99

  Super cool labels to decorate the sodas $8.95

 Frog chocolate mold $5.19

  Battery Operated Candles to decorate the dessert area $14.99

 Harry Potter party supplies $29.99
 Photo boot props $32.92


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