First Birthday for a Princess

First Birthday for a Princess

I love my costumers, I love listening to their stories and the reasons behind each party. Each costumer wants something diferent, and they all have their unique reason why they need to pay a professional. I love being the person that can help their vision become a reality.
 I recently designed a super cute dessert station for a little princess. Mom, dad, and auntie were super involved in the project, hands-on and everything helping creating their daughter’s first birthday.

 I love when customers participate and want to go above and beyond for their dream party. Emily is a real lucky princess, I’m sure their dedication will not stop there, it’s just the beginning of many other parties and planing for the best to come in Emily’s life.

New York City Fashion Week 

New York City Fashion Week 

It was an amazing experience this weekend. We designed a dessert station for one of the biggest events in New York. The city was populated with extra beautiful people over the few days that this event ran there were models everywhere, fashion shows happening in various locations,and such an outstanding energy on the streets. 

The dessert station theme was inspired by the world of fashion as the Fashion Gallery celebrated their 10 year aniverassy  bringing designers from all over the world to showcase their work in the NYC Fashion Week. 

When I got the email proposal about the show and did a little research online I found out that, one of my favorite florists had already worked with them before. As someone who had never done a show for this organization before having a familiar face gave me relief, because the florist and I worked in a lot of events together and I know how talented Laura Claire Designs is and what style to aim for. 

Flowers designed by Laura Clair for the entrance lobby. 

The widows were mounted with the names of all the designers and sponsors for the event. 

I had the pleasure to work with a few awesome contributors 

Cindi Raven from Sugar Chat Cookie Studio created some amazing cookies for our display 

Zuirrae Mitchell from She Imagined Sweets made us some delicious bite size cheese cakes 

Elaine from Elli Crafts created the cutest luggage boxes 

Jenny Luz created the various candy wrappers for the sweets 

Flora’s Cake my loyal partner for a long time and friend designed the cake all the other sweets on the table and all the sugar work. What else can I say? Just on word I can describe her “talent”.

I didn’t have the chance to stay for any of the show. I had a super busy weekend and parties planned that my costumers were counting on me to design. However here are a few pictures from Instagram #fgnyfw 

The world of collaborations 

The world of collaborations 

It’s official, next week we will be designing a dessert station for the Fashion Gallery in NYC’s fashion week. I am very excited , I’ve never done a table for fashion week before.
I’m trying to organize myself and get everything ready ahead of time. As I tell all my customers I wish I had a button that says ‘create’ that I could press anytime and have everything done. Life would be so much easier if I did. I have about 15 days left to come up with all the details and create an awesome presentation for their 10 year anniversary.
I am still keeping the girls that have been supporting me since the beginning for this event. I’m also trying to get everything together while looking for new vendors that could collaborate with me.
My first approaches via Instagram already knew who I am and accepted my proposal right away. It’s just amazing, how much easier it is to connect with people through all of the social media platforms out there. Too bad I can’t share my plans with you yet, but I can’t wait to post the pictures when I’m done. The design color and theme will be a surprise but will sure enough be fabulous!

Sweet Eclipse Day 2017!

Sweet Eclipse Day 2017!

For today’s blog post I decided to share some very creative work done inspired by today’s big event the solar eclipse. It’s impossible to stay indoors and not participate, everyone has been preparing for this day for months now, especially those who like science. It’s all over the news all over town, the kids are having fun outside, so for those of us  inside let’s get inspired by this amazing Bakers.













Have a sweet eclipse day!

Welcome Baby Camile! Ballerina Inspired Babyshower 

Welcome Baby Camile! Ballerina Inspired Babyshower 

It’s Monday again and it’s time to share another party inspiration with you guys. This party was very special to me, because it’s for a returning customer that has given me a lot of support through the years. A few years back I designed a dessert station for her daughter’s wedding.

It was an amazing experience. I had the chance to display a dessert station with amazing designers that were involved in the project. David Beahm one of the top event planners in New York City and Ben-Israel a famous cake designer were involved in the project. It was one-of-a-kind experience I’ll never forget.

Not too long ago she returned to me with great news, her daughter is expecting. She asked me to design the dessert table for her event. She wanted something simple and elegant nothing too extravagant. Her theme of choice was ballerina, since her daughter used to take ballet lessons when she was younger and she loves ballet. She wanted the colors to be very soft and delicate, in pink pastel colors.

The party took place at the rooftop lounge area at her apartment building. View itself it’s amazing you can see Central Park.

The place is so beautiful it definitely made an easy complement to the dessert station.

She is the kind of the costumer that appreciates the smallest little details. My favorite kind of costumer. She wanted everything to taste as good as it looks. Erica’s heavenly kitchen designed the Brazilian cake.

Flora’s Cake designed all the amazing looking desserts that people were so in love with that they found it hard to eat it, magnificent work.

The “Bem-nascidos” a traditional dessert served to wish well to the newborn was made by Rodolfo another amazing pastry chef who owns a cake boutique called Sweet Corner in the West Village in New York City. 

I want to thank Iracilda and Pedro Lichtinger  for the opportunity to be part of such an especial moment and wish mom-to-be Stephanie the best luck on this new journey. Welcome baby Camile to the world!

Perfect day for a bridal shower Champagne Party Inspiration 

It was a gorgeous day in Staten Island yesterday, the sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot. It was the perfect day for a beautiful bride to be.

This Monday inspiration took place at Casa Belvedere located on 79 Howard Avenue, Grymes Hill, New York. The mansion was built in 1908 and is an Italian Renaissance style building with very well done detailing.

The place is beautiful and perfect for any small affair, you don’t need much to decorate, the  places speaks for itself with an amazing view over the cliff , it was declared a New York City Landmark in 2006 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The mother of the bride was the one in charge of selecting the vendors, from the flowers, everyone else involved, and all the details. She is definitely one of those unique, elegant people that you meet and you don’t have much else to describe her as other than a woman with good taste. She is gorgeous and well spoken.  So of course everything she chose reflected that, it was truly elegant and no other words can describe the beautiful champagne themed affair.

The colors chosen were white, ivory, and blush pink since she wanted something simple and beautiful. She did add a lot of details to the help with the decorations. For example the small bottles of Champagne as favors.

Flowers designed by Eltingville.

I have a few pictures of our dessert table and some of its details.

Cake designed by Moretti Bakery

Congratulations 🍾 to the couple Nicholas & Christine, many cheers to love laughter and happily ever after! 

“A girl should be two things classy and fabulous” Chanel Party  Inspiration 

There are 365 days in a year, with about 52 weeks per year. With an average of one party per month I still find it hard to choose which party should I talk about. One of  my favorite children’s parties that I have done was Diane’s first birthday.  Her mother wanted something fancy and girly, of course the first saying the pop into my mind was one off my favorite quotes from Coco Chanel ” A   Girl should be two things Classy and fabulous”. So we decided to design her party as a baby Chanel store for a fabulous little girl.  There was so much detail involved in this party that I can’t show it all, but here are a few shots of the highlights.

Diane had two handmade dresses for the event. A gorgeous blush pink dress which she rocked on her entrance. Her mommy had a dress made with the same French lace material as the baby girl. And right before  it was time to sing happy birthday they both changed into elegant black dresses, since every girl must have a little black dress in their closet. 

The cake and the macaroon tower were designed by Cristina from Design Cakes and the sweets were created by Flora from Flora’s Cakes.

Laura from Laura Clare Designs created  the flower arrangements.

And I had fun creating all the little details and putting together this amazing dessert station for such a classy little girl.