Summer Wedding Inspiration: Light Blue And Pink Ocean Theme.

Its so hot out… I think my favorite summer theme with this heat out is ocean. Maybe I am influenced by the fact that I wish I was at the beach today, enjoying the view and the ocean.  I still love beach weddings, they are more relaxed and less formal .

While I am still trying to catch up on my best work and what’s up to date . I feel that I must share one of my favorite summer wedding inspirations; a blue ocean theme dessert table I designed for one of past wedding shows. 

Laura Clare designs provided us with the most amazing flowers.  I particularly love the blush pink ranúnculos. On the dessert station we had a mix of elegant desserts and color coordinated candy.  Flora and Simone provided the sweets. I love mixing styles so why not mixing desserts with candy. It’s funny how that trend became one of my signatures, now days most of my parties I do those mixing strategies. Especially  because people have diferente tastes and it’s also a good way to keep the budget low.


Make a difference 

I have to change all my plans for today’s blog. My inspirational Mondays are usually based on the work I have done and things have seen and accomplished related to my niche, designing desert stations and party basics. Today I had to change the routine and I decided to write about something inspirational but not so clearly related to my niche. About a year ago I collaborated with Brazilian Foundation on designing a beautiful dessert station set up for them. They are a well-known organization in the Brazilian community that collect funds to assist all  kinds of different projects benefiting poor communities in Brazil. At their annual gala party the Brazilian Foundation was also awarding different nonprofit organizations with a common  purpose of helping these communities.  I actually had the chance to hear about some of these organizations and speak to their founders, their purpose varied from helping feed poor children, to giving away medication, to preventing abuse, and teaching music and art in low income communities. It was an amazing experience to actually see good people doing good things for others.

However it wasn’t until I was back stage and I ran into Adelmo Junior dressed as Superman that I had chills, and I understood the importance of his organization. A hour before I met Adelmo junior dressed in his suit and tie and he told me all about his organization “Liga do Bem.” They dress up as superheroes and comic books characters to visit hospitals elderly homes, and orphanages with the purpose to spread love. The majority of my jobs are catered for children and I see their reaction to the details and the transformation we create with the decoration, most of them are dressed according to their theme as princess, fairies superheroes. In their innocence they really believe in what their eyes sees it, that was exactly how I felt when I saw him dressed as Superman and his friend as Batgirl. That night I saw clearly how I could help them, helping those kids. I explained how in the United States one of the biggest holidays is Halloween, where children get dressed up all over.  I mentioned how awesome it would be if we could collect those costumes and send them to the children that they actually work with.

The first collection was not so successful we needed about 500 costumes and we got about 180 approximately, and we were only able to send about 76 costumes to the destination. But we were not discouraged, we got the community together and we threw a party. Several people came to help us and we got a free location for the party to take place, lots of food entertainment for the children, activities toys and prizes.Let me tell you it was not easy to control everything but together we were able to collect several clothes and costumes and with the money from the food and raffle we were able to buy new costumes to be donated to kids from the children hospital and send all the donated costumes to a second event that is taking place at the end of the year. I truly believe that every costume collected and every costume donated represents more than dress-up and play, it represents hope. These kids could dream of being something bigger than their reality. Only those that have children and have experienced their kids dressing up can understand importance of this initiative. Im blogging about this today to share the pictures that shows the kids receiving the costumes over the weekend as well as spread the word about this organization.

Here is the link for their video campaign

Massachusetts Wedding Weekend 

For the first time in a long while I was able to attend a wedding that I had to do nothing besides enjoy myself. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you all about it. The bride and groom were the most accommodating hosts I’ve ever seen, as well as the perfect couple. The wedding took place in a beautiful vineyard on the Massachusetts New Hampshire border. The atmosphere was rustic and elegant, her color choices were lilac and eggplant in different shades. Everything looked perfect, every detail was well put together by the bride and her friends.

At the entrance they had a gorgeous wooden table set with lots of decorative rustic elements such as lamps candles, flowers, where all the place cards were set on wine Corks, lots of wine corks.

The center pieces were simple and beautiful, a perfect choice for their theme. 

For the guests they also had a cigar bar and a photo both area.

Let’s talk about the cake! It was perfectly presented on top of a wine barrel with a glass top that reflected the candlelight to illuminate the cake, if you ask me I’d say it was super romantic.

I had an amazing time, me being Brazilian thought Brazilians knew how to party but I have to take back the stereotype and give credit to the Irish culture … they were way crazier. We had a blast, between their singing and dancing, they were such party people!

Congratulations to the couple Geraldine and Scott, thank you for having us. 

Pre-wedding party at Bloomingdale’s 

Three days ago we had the opportunity to design a few desserts and set up a small table for the pre-wedding party at Bloomingdale’s on 59th St and third Avenue in NYC. What an amazing experience! It was so nice to meet people in the industry and also interact with future clients! I just love walking around the bridal floor, I feel like a kid in a candy store, surrounded by so many beautiful trays and platters I want them all! I was able to use their trays and raisers to showcase our desserts. When we first started negotiating the details for the set up they asked for something bold and bright. The first thing that came into my mind were this years summer season’s most popular colors; yellow and pink. Of course right there I had the chance to finally design a table with the super popular pineapple and flamingo theme. The Bloomingdales first response was no. They wanted something glamorous and elaborate. It did not take much persuasion after I showed them my plan and vision for the design. I have to admit it felt so good read the email that said, “Never mind. Our PR approved your idea and we trust you”. It made my day , maybe my whole week. They were very happy with the results and I was very happy to finally have my flamingo moment!
Here are some pictures of the desserts we displayed.

At the link below I have a short video of the event.

The Lisa Mansour’s NY Cake Show

nycake13There are a lot of pros to living near NYC, among them is that you can always find something interesting to do.  On June 10 and 11, I had the opportunity to attend the Lisa Mansour’s New York Cake Show. This year’s event featured a Broadway-themed  Cake Decoration Competition. nycake11The event took place at the Pier 36 299 South St, New York.


They had hands-on classes, demonstrations, and various baking accessories for sale while the competition was taking place. They had chefs from around the world showing their techniques and various amazing cakes.


This year’s contest winner was Ashley Holt from Sugar Monster Sweets with a Kinky Cake .


There were over 50 cakes and cookies all together on display from those made by beginners to professionals.nycake14

Here is a short video of some of the show’s highlights.

Route 66 Party Theme

I had the pleasure to design a Dessert Station this month for a one of a kind, 70 year old man who is the coolest. Since life is a journey his daughter-in-law and I agreed that the famous Route 66 was the perfect theme to describe his personality and his love for cars. Also, the fact that they just recently drove across the United States as a family in a RV crossing many states and made numerous stories.

rt66iHow cool is this picture! 70 years old and rocking!

Don’t know many “gramps” that have ryt66cmoves like that!

Here are some close up pictures

of somert66v





Succulent Wedding Theme Dessert Stations

In May I had the pleasure to display a beautiful Dessert Station for a wedding show in NYC. It was a hit! We chose a very popular theme for the season “succulents.” I love how people were intrigued and confused at the same time because they couldn’t distinguish between the edible desserts, the real plants, or the favor boxes… I guess I can say mission accomplished since I managed to get everyone talking about my table.

Here are some pictures and some of the details from my display.


rounds      rounds1      rounds2      rounds3



squares    square3    squares3    square318319338_1634063786621949_8181757157710092121_o

As you can see I used and abused lots of greens, natural wood, metal and glass objects.

I love mixing and matching different styles together, and most of my design is what I call “Free Style.” Which is my own crazy creative way of working.


I had an awesome collaboration from my

florist “Laura Clair Designs” who provided the amazing flowers and plants.

The picture on the side showcases one of my favorite

arrangements from her unique design.



Lucas Piubelli an amazing Brazilian Cake Designer and winner of the competition  “Who is The Next Cakeboss” in Latin America along side Flora de Oliveira designed a series of exotic and delicious desserts.


The mouth watering French Macaroons melted in on tongue, were provided by the chef Ione Cavalli.

I also designed a few chocolate favor boxes to complement the table set up. Here are a few samples.


These amazing photos were provided by the supper talented Elaine Ramos from Emerlin Photography.