Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stand party theme is such a cute idea to cool off this summer heat! kids would have a blast creating their on cool drinks as refreshments. Its a perfect theme for summer birthdays.    my mind gets crazy just thinking how creative we can get on the dessert table… however the most important item in this theme should be the lemonade stand! Here are a few items I selected for your DIY Party.

 I would use this polyester lemonade stand card table cover classic yellow and white  for the dessert table sells for $29.95

  I would place one of these Lemonade cardboard stand sell $39.99 for near the dessert table

 One of these Lemonade stands on the other side of the dessert table sells for $185.00

Lemonade stand  invitations @18.00

 One gallon glass mason jars double beverage drink dispenser on metal stand with leak free spigot, clear sell for $29.99

 lemonade mix

 clear cup 100 sells for $11.99

 Classy lemonade stand apron for the party hosts sells for $12.99

 yellow drinking straws 75 pack sells for $12.99

  10 pcs sells for $3.99

 Lemonade play set for the kids sells for $20.00

 cupcake wraps 36 for $11.49

 cupcake topper  $8.59

 5″x7″ Party favor bags pack of 12 $2.75
 Rock Candy 36 Stick  $29.97

 Yellow Lemonade Swirl Party Candy  $22.99

 54 lemonade party candy stickers, candy wrappers

 love theses balloons for the center pieces 11 pc lemonade pitcher sells for $20.45

 Lemonade scented bubble bottles 

  Paper Parasol 32 inches  $10.50

 favor boxes $11.99

 Giant float for picture props  $39.95

 5x7ft photo booth  $16.99


Life Guard Pool Party theme

Summer is kicking in! And lifeguarding seems to be a fun summer party theme, but there’s a lot more than just hanging at the pool. Let’s celebrate this week with a one of a kind theme appreciating those that are looking out to save lives.

 I love this lifeguard street sign. We could use as accessories to decorate behind the dessert station  sells for $8.99

 I would make a collage with a bunch different signs behind the table sells for $5.29

This sells for $3.99 signs   

As many signs as possible $ 16.99

 These Baywatch lifeguard inflatable could be either used as a prop around the dessert table or a fun prop for a photo-booth area sell for $10.70

 Absolute in love with this  lifeguard chair card holders we could use as props on the dessert table sells for $13.83

 Cool favors for the children set of 24 colorful spiral whistle – 12 bracelet  and 12 necklace sell for $12.99

 life guard prop for decorating the dessert table sells for $54.60

 Silicone cake decorating for sugar crafting with melting chocolate or fondant

 12 edible stand up wafer paper cake toppers sells for $3.99

 This 3D lifeguard station could be used as a decorative item behind the dessert station sell for $51.55

This cool rug mat could be place in front of the dessert table to decorate the floor area sells for $34.95


    Lifeguard lifesavers

 Beautiful large off duty life guard canvas  sells for $99.00

 Men’s red lifeguard T-shirt sells for $13.99

 Unisex-child certified official T-shirt sells for $13.99

 Women’s lifeguard shirt sells for $15.99



Beach Ball Summer Fun

School is out, it’s time to celebrate! Summer is here, lets drive down the shore and enjoy the weather. Nothing better than a “beach ball party theme” to start the summer fun. Here are a few items that I collected to suggest for this hot topic of a party theme!

beachinvitation These super cool beach safety container invitations are my first pick for this theme. A set of 12 sells for $22.99

beachinvitation1These are also a very cute  simple choice of invitation. A set of 24 sells for $14.95

 Party supplies 

 Beach Ball blowouts

 Favor boxes 4 for  $4.99




Beachball lollipop A package of 12 for $10.85



beachball20Small beach ball inflatables 20″ (12 pieces per order) for $11.31





How awesome is this beach ball garland to use as a backdrop behind the table. Sells for $9.99




beachballbox  A set of 12 beach ball treat boxes for $8.16


partyfillersThis package of 100 pieces assorted toys is a  great choice to fill up the kid treat boxes it sells for $17.99

beachballpicks A  great idea for  decorating the cupcakes at the dessert station is this paper beach ball picks  25 ct sells for $5.99

sunballon This super cute 29 inch happy sun ballon is my choice for my center pieces. They would go well attached to a little bucket , sells for 5 for $29.99

beachbackdrop For our photo shoot area this beach scene backdrop  is perfect! It’s 6x8ft and sells for  $30.88

beachballgiant A great addition to the photo-booth area is a giant beach ball 48″ ball for $9.75

beachballprops Also for the photo-booth these picture photo sticks will add a lot of fun, 12 pc sells for $14.32

beachballshirts How perfect are these kids’ beach ball t-shirts? They make a perfect party gift for each child that attended the party. Priced at $16.99

Lets Celebrate Fourth of July!

Next week is Fourth of July, let’s celebrate our Independence Day with style. As we celebrate what America stands for let’s proudly use our flag’s colors, and make our red, blue and white spirit shine!

july44th of July BBQ party invitation 50 sold for $14.99

4july American fourth the July hanging sign decoration sell for $12.97

july14 $8.50 USA map flag hanging sign decoration 

july5 Fourth of July bunting banner decoration 11”x16”  sells for $5.69

4july1 Party stars & stripes hanging fan decoration  13 x 11″ sells for $9.59

july11 I love this inflatable cooler for indoor/outdoor sells for $12.95

july612 cupcake wrappers for $8.99

july448 Pcs 4th of July cupcake topper picks decorations  for $6.99

july7  Package of 216  Hershey’s kisses for $6.99


july10 balloons are always a must, especially at Fourth of July parties. These latex balloons sell in a package of 100 Ct for $12.99  and could be used along with the center pieces.

july17 Perfect centerpieces or props for our dessert station

july13 This God Bless America sign could also be used behind the dessert station or food station and sells for $12.99

july3 Theses are some fun bead necklaces for the adults to wear  12 Pcs sells for $12.99

july16 A fun shirt for mom to wear  $23.95

july15 A fun shirt for dad to use it $19.00

july12 Why not something fun for the pet? Pet costume sells for $13.99

july17 I love photo booth props , these fourth of July set of 20 sell for $ 16.99

My Mystical Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party’s the most popular party this summer. Actually it’s not just parties, everything unicorn themed seems to be popping up everywhere! Even Starbucks has a unicorn themed rainbow shake. It’s impossible to browse most platforms without seeing some sort of unicorn cake or cookies or cupcakes. I have to say that I personally think the cake-pops are the cutest by far!!!  Here you will find some cute elements for an easy home party.




unicorn rubber duckies




I love their shape but not to happy with the color but for the price I would purchase these mini unicorn figurines and spray paint them in gold color for more of an elegant finish



This napkin could be a better way to describe what style I am going for  16 per $7.81





I absolutely love this cupcake toppers  12 per $8.25





Very similar toppers just hard to choose  24 per $14.99





Totally in love  with this hairband  $3.50





I like this mixer of flowers for the center pieces or Dessert Table area $12.99





Also for the decor composition these beautiful flowers  $23.99



gold frames



Gold frame for a backdrop montage here is some example for a cheap price 2 per $9.99




Pink flowers   50 per $24.99

Let’s Flamingo!!!

People ask so we must deliver! These exotic birds are everywhere, in every store I shop in. I have no choice but turn it into an inspiration for this week’s party tutorial. They are so trending! I put together a few items  so you can create a cool one of a kind party!

flamingoconvite I like this water color mix of these invitations to be the inspiration for my Dessert Table decor $16.99 for 10. If you prefer to print your own take a look at Mydaddycraft”s Etsy store for downloads.




How adorable are these paper boxes?

$12.99 for 12



Flamingo Straws package of 50 for $18.89





Flamingo napkins  $6.99 for 16





Flamingo picks could be used to dip the chocolate covered marshmallows. A set of 24 goes for $1.40





I will show you how to use these cute inexpensive flamingo yard art decorations into a cool centerpiece idea 2 small pink flamingos for $6.81





For the center piece bottom part I would attach some blush pink flowers to a white wooden base or ceramic pot.





For our photo prop area a flamingo ball that is 27″ sells for $7.95.





Hair headband $8.50 each.





Look at these to die for glasses! $5.54 each.





The cutest flamingo hair clip photo prop $6.19 each.






Here are some fun photo party props $10.99.





A must must have photo  prop  flamingo Float $19.99.





Another cool prop for make your photo booth more fun  flamingo umbrella $24.88.





I love using cool LED lights  to decorate the  Dessert Station $10.98 a piece.





Flamingo lollipops  $12.50 for 12





I used these types of walking balloons  before in a party and it was an absolute success with the kids   Flamingo walking balloons $6.45.





A giant 5 foot inflatable flamingo  could be used at the entrance or near the candy station to add some drama!! $24.99.






I would totally create a backdrop behind my dessert Station using these table mats by lining them up. $19.99 for 6.





Or  you could use this tapestry behind the Dessert Table as well  60 x 40 $19.99.

I would decorate around either choices with these tropical leaves.

tropicalfolhasSet of 12 8″  tropical leaves for $5.45.

I would definitely use some pink flower details  as well in my Flamingo Party Composition.


50 pink flower boxes sell for $14.99.

Dolce Gabbana Pineapple Print Party Inspiration

I fell in love with this beautiful Dolce Gabbana pineapple print dress the moment I saw it. It’s so summery, fun, and sassy to bad it’s so pricy too!  It actually turned out to be an awesome inspiration for a cool summer party.  I’m going to guide you and give you tips on how to design a great pineapple themed event!

From a simple DIY to the dessert station set up and favors with a few must tips for a successful party decor. The coolest thing about the set up theme is that you can use it for all sorts of celebrations, baby shower, first birthday etc.



I love this invitation by  Greetingsisland.com


Pineapple favor boxes 12 for $10.99




Pineapple straws could be for fun drinking or decorating the chocolate covered marshmallows 100 per $8.99




The kids would love these pineapple cups! Only $1.95



I love these little pencil pouches could be a very fun favor for children  $3.59


It’s hard to choose which ones I like best so here are some more to pick from.

 We could fill these pouches with some personalized kisses or just add them to the candy station  216 pack labels for $4.99



I would totally use these as center pieces $11.38

I would attache some floating balloons to them.




Pineapple Balloons going at $8.50 for 6.





I would use only one of these balloons mixed in with either the balloons above or just plain balloons. A package of 5 37” balloons goes for $21.16. 




I’m not sure if I would use this in the Dessert table or as a centerpiece to hold the balloons, but I love this pineapple lamp and would definitely get it for $11.99




I would so use these leaves as a decoration behind the dessert station. A pack of 12 8″ leaves goes for $5.45






A little pricy but worth the $50.23. I would totally use this to decorate my Candy Station/ Dessert Station





This is another must have prop for the dessert station for $18.99





Thank you cards are also very important.

I also found these cute little accessories that could be used as photo props for pictures and I must share them.


Pineapple backdrop for fun pictures 5x7feet for $16.99


Hair band $2.99


Pineapple cool glasses $11.95


Pineapple honey comb paper prop $7.70


Pineapple hat for pictures $28.00


Pineapple plastic fruit $7.00


Inflatable 14” pineapple prop $7.86

Coming soon a Dessert Station Set Up using this theme, free downloads from MyDaddyCrafts and cool recipes.